Geo-fencing allows you to send push notifications to your cleints who have installed your app. Using your control panel you can send push  notifications to your clients with a specific message eith in text or grahical form. 


Setting the Geo-fence. By setting  an active period for push notification you can set the time period for the message - for instance  if you only want to send a message to users after 5 pm tomorrow  for 1 hour that can be set from the control panel. This is especially useful when business have deals or events they would like to advertise to near by users who would like to take advantage of the offfers. This would apply for example to a resturant for happy hour or a a real estate agent who has an auction or open house. In fact any business can use push notifications.




 Push Notifications Panel.

Send notices directly to your app users using push notifications.

You can schedule messages at any time or even send from your phone.

Use the panel to set up the Geo-fence

Why use Push Notifications?

  • Push increases app users retention by an average of 100%
  • Use of push leads to an average of 26% more monthly opens
  • Compared to SMS texts or email marketing - they are much cheaper
  • Compared to SMS Texts or email marketing - they are much cheaper

Text or graphical.GeoFencingResturant

Push notifications can be text or graphical. Easy to use you can make your own push notifications to send to app users. Great for resturants or real estate agents, in fact any business.


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