What are Beacons?

Beacons are small wireless transmitters that include iBeacon™ and Bluetooth Smart technology. Our Beacons are also fully Android and IOS compatible.Once setup, Beacons will continuously broadcast a signal (similar to a radio station) to create a mesh network connected to our platform and API. Add this functionality to your mobile app, and you can create sophisticated indoor positioning, proximity detection, and personal interaction systems – suitable for a variety of purposes.

Beacons enable developers and organizations of any size, to create and deliver an astounding range of experiences – from creating new ways to interact with technology, enhancing brand experiences with contextual interaction, to boosting business process efficiencies with actionable data.

Some things you can make your App do with Bluetooth Smart Beacons with iBeacon:

  • Show customers available product options or provide additional information
  • Send your menu / catalog to customers as soon as they walk through the entrance
  • Create and target offers based on how the contact interacts with your beacon system
  • Allow customers to pay / identify themselves using their smartphone
  • Provide rewards and incentives based on actionable customer behaviors
  • Create an interactive tour through your venue – such as an art exhibition or historical journey
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