Mobile Shopping Carts

Mobile Shopping Carts

Mobile shopping carts allow you to interact directly with your customers by allowing them to purchase your goods online.Say you have a hair salon,why not give your clients the opportunity to buy your products even when they are not in the salon? This can provide a stream of income even when the customer is away from your busines.Mobile shopping carts can be tailored to suit your business.Just contact us and we will show you how. 

Sell Products inside your app

  • Payment integrationwith PayPal and Google Wallet 
  • Allow customers to search ,view and purchase items
  • Adjust tax rates and payment currency for your items
  • No additional fees

3rd Party Integrations

  • Sync your online shopping cart with ease
  • Integrated with popular e-commerce solutions
  • Easily import all of your items
  • Allow customers to make purchases on the go

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